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Pinnacle Valuations

Pinnacle Valuations provides business valuations, serving clients nationwide.  We answer the question “how much is the company worth?”  We specialize in valuing privately-owned companies and regularly serve banks, CPA’s, wealth advisors, attorneys, business owners and business buyers.

We Are Qualified:

We are Certified Business Appraisers (CBA’s) and are considered a ‘qualified source’.  This means our business appraisal reports are accepted by the U.S. courts, the IRS and investment groups when a determination of business value is needed.

Reasons for a Business Valuation

Director of Valuations

Dennis Nisbet

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Why Choose Us For Your Business Valuation?

We are a team of experienced business valuation specialists with the expertise and credentials to provide you with a reliable and well-supported determination of business value for your target company.  

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Business Valuation Focus

We focus strictly on the valuation of privately-owned companies. We provide independent, third-party business appraisal services.

Qualified Source

Our business appraisers are holders of the highly respected Certified Business Appraiser (CBA) credential, a designation recognized by the courts, the government, and the valuation community. For example, CBA’s meet the Small Business Administration’s requirements that define a ‘qualified source’; CBA’s opinions of value are used by the SBA to validate business value when granting government-backed business acquisition loans. The CBA credential was granted by the the Institute of Business Appraisers (IBA) and is presently monitored by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts, (NACVA).

Business Valuation Experience

In addition to the CBA credential, our appraisers also hold graduate degrees in business. They have extensive experience valuing small to mid-sized companies in a broad range of industries: from oil and gas to social media, for-profit education to medical marijuana, in addition to common “main street” industries such as retail, advertising, and distribution.


When you choose to work with us we feel as though we are your partner and we are honored to have earned your trust. We work hard to be responsive to your needs and are respectful when working with your borrowers.


When we value a company for you, only one business appraiser will work on your assignment, start to finish. The result is a cohesive and well thought out certified appraisal, free from inconsistencies and errors in logic that may arise when multiple people work on an assignment.

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We have the credentials and experience to meet your Business appraisal needs.

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