Business Valuation Report Types

Pinnacle Valuations provides three types of business valuation reports.  For end users, the difference between report types primarily comes down to the level of detail and presentation in the reports.

Complete Valuation Report: Also referred to as a Detailed or Comprehensive Report, this format is the most complete and thorough of the report types.  The result of this report is an unambiguous conclusion of value of the Subject business.  The report includes in-depth analysis, review and discussion of the Subject company; its industry; the global, national, and local economies and how they impact the Subject’s performance; the Company’s historic financial performance and prospects for the future; and the application of the valuation methods deemed most appropriate by the valuator from each of the asset, income, and market valuation approaches.  All information is synthesized, resulting in a final conclusion of value.

Summary Report: This report type contains the same fundamental research, analysis and review elements as a Complete Valuation Report (above), yet the level of presentation and discussion within the report are less than that of a complete report: it is an abridged version.  The Summary Report also sets forth a final conclusion of value.

Calculation Report:  In this report type, the valuator and client agree upon the specific valuation methods to be used.  This report is generally much shorter in length than a Complete or Summary Report.  This report type results in a calculation of value which may be presented as a single dollar value, or a range of values.

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