An SBA Business Valuation Calculator?

Frequently asked question: Is there an “SBA business valuation calculator?” Short answer: No, there isn’t.

When I first saw the question, I thought “of course not.” The process of valuing a business is far too complex with way too many variables to be encapsulated in a calculator. However, a quick search shows that some companies have attempted to build their own versions of a business valuation calculator. I wondered, is it possible that something has been done recently on the SBA front that I’m unaware of? Has someone actually built an SBA business valuation calculator?

I looked around and could find nothing specific to the SBA. But to get to the bottom of the question, I reached out to the Small Business Administration in Washington D.C. I was able to speak with an SBA lender specialist who did confirm that there is no such thing as an SBA approved business valuation calculator, and there was no such tool on the horizon. Because of the complexity involved and expertise required, a business valuation specialist must perform a business valuation.

The specialists at Pinnacle Valuations are Certified Business Appraisers, (CBA’s). The SBA considers CBA’s a “qualified source” for SBA business appraisals. In fact, we do more appraisals for SBA loans than for any other reason.

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