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A Certified Business Evaluator is a term many  people search for when they want to locate what is actually a Certified Business Appraiser (CBA), a skilled business valuation specialist with knowledge and experience in the field of private company valuation.  The credential is granted by the Institute of Business Appraisers, the IBA.  There are roughly 400 CBA’s across the country, all of whom must pursue ongoing education in the field of business valuation in order to maintain the esteemed designation.

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In the field of private company valuation, many professionals consider the CBA designation the most prestigious.  It requires lengthy coursework, covering in detail accounting, finance, and the study of private company fundamentals.  It also requires candidates pass a long and expansive test, and finally, a candidate must submit two complete demonstration business appraisals for peer review.  Those reports are then subjected to the peer-review process which challenges the appraisal from all angles.  The appraisals must demonstrate ability, judgment, accuracy and professionalism, ultimately proving competence in all aspects of business valuation.

As a result of the very rigorous and time-consuming credentialing process, the Certified Business Appraiser credential is considered by many to represent the highest professional standards in the field of private company valuation.  A CBA’s opinion of value will stand up to scrutiny.

The business appraisers at Pinnacle Valuations are Certified Business Appraisers and they also hold graduate degrees in business, with advanced coursework in valuation, finance, strategy, marketing, economics and accounting.

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